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    Also Gonzales comming towards him with great Forces, with the rest of their Proceedings. With the destruction of Spinola's Forces before Berghen op Zoom; As also the marching of the English Forces of the Regiment of the Lord Vavs from Antwerpe to Bergen, with the number of them. Likewise, a true Relation of the proceedings and circumstances, touching the royall coronation of the most illustrious, most mightie princesse, Lady Eleonora, Empresse of Rome, Queene of Hungaria, Arch-Dutches of Austria, and Dutches of Mantua. Moreover, the straite besieging of Mamora by the Hollanders, with the invasion made by the Protestant grisons vpon the countrey of Tyrolle, and the obtaining of great store of cattell. Lastly, the couragious Sally made by the garrisons in Glatts, vpon the emperialls; with the delivering vp of Hagenaw to Leopoldus; as also [Klin]genbergh to the Emperour
    London : Bourne and Archer, [1622]
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    A Comedy ; Marked with the Variations of the Manager's Book, At The Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden
    Woodward, Henry
    London : Lowndes, Caslon, Corbett, and Bladon, 1777
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    from its rice at Zwickau to its fall at Munster 1521 - 1536
    Heath, Richard
    London : Alexander & Shepheard, 1895
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    Gheschreven wt den name ende van weghen den Alder-door-luchtichsten Koninck Iacobus, Koninck van groot-Britanien etc. Wt de Latijnsche Tale in onse Nederlantche Over-gheset, ende met een kleyne Voor-reden tot den Leser ver-rijckt
    Casaubon, Isaac ; Du Perron, Jacques Davy ; Jakob <I., England, König>
    Londen : Ioannes Norton, 1612
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    midtsgaders de Eerts-hertoghen Albertus ende Isabella Clara Engenia. Gemaect ende geconcludeert den xviijen. der Maent Augusti duysent ses-hondert en viere, naer den ouden stijl. Wt het Enghels in het Neder-duytsch overgheset
    Jakob <I., England, König> ; Philipp <III., Spanien, König>
    Londen : Barker, 1604
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    Studien und Briefe über Londoner Theater, Kunst und Presse
    Fontane, Theodor
    Stuttgart : Ebner & Seubert, 1860
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    Brandes, Georg Friedrich
    Göttingen : Dieterich, 1786
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    Ccomplectentia Textus Originales, Hebraicum, cum Pentateucho Samaritano, Chaldaicum, Græcum. Versionumque antiquarum, Samaritanae, Graecae LXXII Interp. Chaldaicae, Syriacae, Arabicae, Aethiopicae, Persicae, Vulg. Lat. Quicquid comparari potera. Cum Textuum, [&] Versionum Orientalium Translationibus Latinis. Ex Vetustissimis Mss. Undique Conquisitis, optimisque Exemplaribus impressis ... Cum Apparatu, Appendicibus, Tabulis, Variis Lectionibus, Annotationibus, Indicibus, &c. Opus totum in sex Tomos tributum
    Walton, Brian (Ed.)
    Londini : Roycroft, 1655
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    produced at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1884-5
    Blanchard, Edward L. ; Barrett, Oscar
    [London] : Gibbons, [1885]
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    Kinkel, Gottfried ; Louisville Anzeiger
    St. Johns Wood [London], 01/08/1851