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De Religions-vrede : Gheaccordeert ende gepubliceert binnen Antwerpen den xijen Junij, M.D.lxxix.
PublishedAntwerpen : Plantijn, 1579
[Variation A]
Description12 ungezählte Seiten ; 8 : Druckermarke Wappen von Antwerpen
In Fraktur
Voet: "Variant A: p. [9]: first line ends with "int ont=" ; second line continues with "fanghen" and ends with "armen"; third line starts with "in eenighe Scholen ..." ; There are other differences between Variants A and B implying that B2 (pp. [9-12] must have been reset."
Knuttel: Bij deze druk eindigt de eerste regel van blz. 9 [B1r] met: "ghenomen worden int ont=" ; De tweede regel van blz. 9 [B1r] eindigt met: "oft armen".
Tiele: "Regering van Filips II.".
Knuttel, W.P.C. Catalogus van de pamfletten-verzameling berustende in de Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 455
Vorlageform der Veröffentlichungsangabe: T' Antwerpen, By Christoffel Plantijn, Drucker der Con. Maiesteyt. M. D. LXXIX.
Voet: "To eliminate frictions between Catholics and Protestants in the city of Antwerp, a "Religion's Peace" was worked out by Archduke Mathias, the Prince of Orange and the State-Council, submitted to the Antwerp magistrate and accepted by it (12 June 1579 ...). The proclamation ... was hastened by an incident ... in which Archduke Mathias was involved (28 May 1579)".
Bibl. ReferenceKnuttel 455 ; Belgica typographica 2869 ; Voet, Leon. The Plantin Press, 1894A ; Tiele, P. A. Bibliotheek van Nederlandsche pamfletten 1,1,195
Electronic Edition
Münster : Univ.- und Landesbibliothek, 2020
De Religions-vrede [3.46 mb]
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